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Immobilen Services Dienstleistungen


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*** Brilliant Services ***

Home Styling - ImmoBrilliance

Home Styling:

Whereas Home Staging details the entire property Home Styling
is simply the ‘slim version’.

We concentrate on the potential and charm of a property,
working closely with the vendors to optimize the most attractive features.

We meet with our clients one to one to discuss in detail
the implementation of the presentation process.

ImmoBrilliance - Ihr Shoppingcoach


Are you looking to rent out a property but want to hire a professional
to take over the interior decoration ?

We can take over the procurement, organize the delivery and assembly
and to top it off we will make sure it has that extra brilliant shine.

We're cooperating with first class furniture stores and
professional interior design specialists.

Senioren Umzüge - Kompetent und zuverlässig

relocation Services for Seniors:

A particular matter of the heart at ImmoBrilliance
is advising and accompanying seniors,
who are often overburdened by the challenges of selling or renting
their properties.
Sometimes family members and friends are unable to help 
and we are especially committed and sensitive to the individual needs
and wishes of our more senior clients.

Housesitting - Zuverlässige Betreuung Ihrer Objekte

House Sitting:

Not everybody has family, friends or helpful neighbors
who are available to look after their property during
a vacation or an extended business trip.
We provide a professional house sitting service,
which offers our clients peace of mind and increased security
by allowing a subject property to appear inhabited
while the owners are not at home.
We collect mail, forward it if required, air the rooms and water the plants
and are available for any other errands as required including
shopping for groceries or filling the refrigerator
prior to the owner’s return.

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