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Home Staging Stuttgart


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DGHR Home Staging Stuttgart

Home Staging Stuttgart

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*** Home Staging ***

„Most of the time people don't know what they want - until you show them“

(Steve Jobs)

... and that's exactly what Home Staging is about …

In the USA, Australia, Scandinavia and many other countries
it has been a standard real estate procedure for many years 
and is now beginning to become established on the German market.  

Home Staging is the optimal presentation of your property.
The value is increased and the highest prices can be reached,
often up to 15% higher than the original estimation.
The time a property is on the market is shortened dramatically
proving Home Staging's worth as an important and valid instrument 
in professional real estate practices.

Home Staging means nothing more than making a stage of your home.

Our assignment is to show rooms, furnished or vacant, in their best light
and to present them in the best way for potential buyers.

This visualization helps the buyer to imagine living in the property,
as research has shown that up to 80% of possible purchasers
have difficulty in recognizing the realty’s full potential.

therefore when realty is on the market the seller must be prepared to
‘move out’ in their minds 
in order to allow a potential buyer to feel ‘at home’ when they enter.  

The first impression counts:

Dirty windows, squeaking doors, unpleasant odors or an overfilled entrance space
reduce the impulse to buy from which there is rarely a chance to recover.

Neutralizing and depersonalizing the spaces, while at the same time harmonizing the colors,
optimizing lighting and decoration to present a well-maintained interior and exterior
means Home Staging can open up so many chances and possibilities.

Yet you needn’t just rely on our written word to convince you of the advantages,
allow us to surprise and inspire you with our competence and results.    

We offer Home Staging in combination with our capacity as real estate agents
but also independent of an instruction as agents for:

  • private vendors
  • real estate agents
  • building contractors

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Wintergarten Seitlich *Dark*    Chillecke

Lounge Frontal    Wohnzimmer

Gästezimmer    Terrasse

Schlafzimmer Frontal    Schlafzimmer Hinten

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